mercoledì, luglio 12, 2006

Per quelli che...

Sostengono il Ponte sullo Stretto prendendo come esempio l'Eurotunnel (quello della Manica)...

I quotidiani economici inglesi oggi titolavano:"Eurotunnel fears it will be 'bankrupt in a week'"
La societa' che lo gestisce ha debiti che ammontano alla modica cifra di quasi 9 miliardi di euro, precisamente, 8.954.300.000 euro.
18 mila miliardi di vecchie lire. Un successone! Ma si, facciamo sto' ponte dello Stretto, quello si che funzionera', mica collega Francia con Gran Bretagna, ma bensi, Sicilia e Italia. Successo garantito!

Sostengono Zidane (insomma gli ipocriti francesi e chi vuole attaccare l'Italia)...

Oggi il Times di Londra dedica pagina 76 e 77 all'ignobile gesto del giocatore transalpino. Riporto le parti che ritengo piu' importanti. Il giudizio lo lascio a voi.

He (Materazzi) insulted his mum. His poor old mum. Mama Zidane, eyes moist tears of pride watching her son in a World Cup final. She's not well, you know. And then this Italian, this toerag, slanders her in the vilest way imaginable. Well, of course, he flipped. Wouldn't you?
No, actually, you wouldn't.
Not if this was your last game and you had a World Cup to win. Not if the team had been built around your presence and was looking to you above all others. Not with a penalty shoot-out looming. Not with damn near 20 years'professional experience to call upon, during which time no insult would have been considered too grave to be hurled in your direction. Nor with your country depending on you. The most remarkable aspect of Zinedine Zidane's ignominious farewell to football is the number of people queueing up to exonerate him. The Eyeties had a pop at his old mummy.

Esaminati i precedenti storici e tutte le voci di insulti razzisti etc, l'autore, Martin Samuel, dice la sua su come siano andate le cose.
There could be a simpler explanation, involving the decoding, not of mouth movements, but the game. Zidane was not at this best in the Olympic Stadium. He scored from a penalty spot - just - but France did not deserve the lead and soon Materazzi took it away. Pirlo was the game's best creative player by some distance, Fabio Cannavaro its best defender and the close attention of Italy's excellent back four and defensive midfield kept the shackles on Zidane in a way Brazil never could.
After a brief France flurry early in the second half, the final settled into a familiar pattern and France did not llok as if they wuold score until Zidane's header was denied by Buffon after 104 minutes. By the time Zidane and Materazzi came together five minutes later, perhaps, Zidane feared that hope of a happy ending was fading. It might not have been what was said but the situation that provoked his anger, effective trash talk, like good comedy, being all in the timing.
E conclude con il suo giudizio personale.
The best player was Italian, the best team was Italy and the cup would be heading back to Rome. The perfect adieu to the greatest footballer Europe has produced was about to slip his fingers. No wonder he felt like putting the nut on someone.

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