lunedì, ottobre 29, 2007

Enrico's party

After the saturday night and....the Sunday at work - damn it! - I've uploaded some pics. They are available in the London directory:


domenica, ottobre 28, 2007

British Stadium

A short, low quality and stupid video from Stamford Bridge, during the match Chelsea - Shalke 04. You can see Richard and me and....the stadium :-)

venerdì, ottobre 26, 2007


Another night in the office. And, again, I can't sleep! Why am I the only one who is always awake? Am I becoming old?!?

Luckily there is internet, but tonight....nothing is working properly. Argh!

mercoledì, ottobre 24, 2007

Very nice day

First of all....I will not have to work! Which is not so bad.
Second....I'll go to watch the Champions League match Chelsea - Shalke 04! Hurra'! I hope to be able to take some pictures, obviously stupid pictures, to post here.
Third, last but not least,'s 24th so it's a nice day, not for everybody's personal :)

C'mon Shalke!

lunedì, ottobre 22, 2007

World Champions

Well, well, well....this year the cars and motorcycles elite tournaments have seen 2 different World Champions:

Ferrari (Raikkonen) and Ducati (Stoner)

But only one country.....Italy :)

Thanks again guys! We kicked British and Japanese asses :-)


mercoledì, ottobre 17, 2007

Thanks to these wonderful people!

They can make you laugh even in a boring and busy evening at work!

Thanks guys, wonderful joke!

martedì, ottobre 16, 2007

Sad day

Back to London, but sad and unhappy. There isn't much more to say...just get back to work and to study. And to the London life style.