giovedì, agosto 30, 2007

Champions League

What a wonderful pot for AC Milan! Perfect. Now we need to win the European Super Cup, to become the club with most throphies in the world. To make history again!

C'mon AC Milan!

venerdì, agosto 24, 2007

Special day

Today it's a special day. Who need to know, knows it. And that's why I dedicate the 200th post of this blog to this day, to this person.

There isn't much to say, maybe only to remember that I'm crazy for you.

Happy 24th,

venerdì, agosto 17, 2007

Special birthday

Today it should be the birthday of a special person. They, the good ones, always leave when you really need them. But, you know, it's nice to think that now you might be in the place where you always wanted to be: the sky. Happy birthday.

Oggi sarebbe il compleanno di una persona speciale. I buoni se ne vanno sempre quando hai più bisogno di loro. Comunque, è bello pensare che ora probabilmente sei dove hai sempre voluto essere: in cielo. Buon compleanno.

lunedì, agosto 13, 2007

Back to work

It's been a while since the coming back from Sardinia. Everything is now getting back to "normal". Going to work every day, being busy again with university and see friends after work or for dinner. The mind it's getting used again to the "London life style".

But this year there are also many new things, new projects. The last year was spent to find a good job and some stability. I did it. But now, I'm not satisfied anymore. So I'm happy to see my mind working hard and planning again the future. The last year my mind was a bit asleep, but now, the holidays and, most of all, some special people woke it up.

Time to go to work now. Damn! :-)

sabato, agosto 04, 2007

Back to London

So, at the end I'm back to London. It has been a very busy trip, I drove a lot and I met a lot of people. One of them, in particular, made everything wonderful and, at the same time, it makes everything sad now. But this is life and now we can only work and plan the future, with the people we love.

Back to work now :-(

Special greetings to Marusia :-)