martedì, luglio 11, 2006

French and Germans are bad losers

Why are you asking to take away the World Cup to the Italians? For Zidane? Or because both of you did lose? The last one, right?
You can't accept it. You said so many bad things about italians and then...they defeated you. And they defeated you playing better than you! Without strange France? Do you remember Spain? Oh, poor guy Henry...
And what about you Germans. "Italians are scared about us" you wrote. And then what? A perfect game, 2-0 and Germans at home. UK newspapers: "Italy, simply perfect".
So what's the point? Italy has many problems, a lot of problems. I am the first one to confirm it. But living overseas I can say that Germany and France have far more problems and more serious than Italy.
You have to stop to brail up yourself, then you can look the rest of the world. But today, you are too dirty to speak about Italians. Italy is the world champion. France and Germany are just two dirty nations.

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Mastro ha detto...

Eh Cho come sei duro nei loro confronti, non basta che stanno mangiando la terra?
Comunque adesso anch'io ho un blog,, andateci tutti!