mercoledì, giugno 11, 2008


The guys in Amsterdam

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A good friend ha detto...

Nice picture. At least you tried to smile again. But you're still far away from the "Riccardo" I miss. Where is the old you, always smiling, up for everything, making jokes every 2 minutes and ready to help everybody? The actual Riccardo is not so good. He hides his feelings and he says he's happy even though all his friends know he's suffering like a beaten dog. Today he's so proud and stupid to admit he's suffering, to even just talk about it and to even tell it to the woman who caused it. But you are the special one, you are the guy which girls want. You're the one who makes everybody feel comfortable even in strange situation. The one always calm, who can hug you and make you feel better. You shouldn't suffer so much for a woman. I think. But if you think she's the one, at least tell her about that. Don't be so proud, sardinian and stupid to keep everything inside you. Because this behaviour is killing you. Today you're another person. And I miss your real you. And I'm not alone. So, my suggestion is to try to trust your friends. Try to talk. Even to her. You'll feel much better after that. And don't ask me who I am. Even if I think you might have an idea about it. xx

You know who I am ha detto...

It' strange to communicate to you in this way. But it's the only way to make you listen, if you actually read the comments. I think I'm the best position to give you "suggestions". I've lost you some time ago. I made a mistake and I paid it. I don't want to write too much, but I still think about us. I still think how special you are. I'm still looking for someone else special, but how many idiots are out there?!? That's why I know that she misses you. And I don't want to be selfish. I prefer you to be happy, that a sad and cold guy as you are now. Whatever you say. You're the most flexible and open guy I've ever met. You've only one person in your mind and your heart. And I know your istinct does work. So, what are you waiting for? Find a solution. Distance it's never the end of the world. Find this solution and get back to her. You know you can do that. Don't listen to your pride. Listen to your feelings. And she should do the same! Go for it, now! And come back smiling and happy! And talk to us again. You know who I am, but if you're not sure...listen to this:

Good luck.