lunedì, maggio 26, 2008

Too many thoughts

Things are not going bad. And too be objective I should not complain about anything. Maybe I'm crazy, but even if things are going "smoothly" I don't feel totally ok yet. During the day everything is fine, but then when you go to sleep, that is when all the questions come out. They are not so many, frankly they are just a few, but the answers are so difficult to find. Of course I would like to know if God does really exist and, if so, I would love to talk to him (or she?) because it's plenty of things which I don't really understand. And I might discover that the Pope and God have different ideas. That would be funny though. I might also ask him what am I supposed to do with my life. Being a good man or just do whatever I want and enjoy it? And what about the people in Birmania, Burundi, the cancer affected people and all the parentless people? Well, that would be a good start. Tonight, though, I'm just asking myself what I am going to do with my life. Now I like it. I love my job, I have really good friends and enjoy my days. But, is that everything? What about in ten years? Probably I'm crazy, but I don't see myself doing the same things I do today in ten years time. At least that's what I hope. When you come out from a big delusion though, nothing is so clear anymore. In some cases you've to start again, but it's not that easy. Today it's damn difficult to think I'll ever trust in that way a person again. They can promise you whatever they want, but why to risk. Why to risk to suffer in that way again? Men are weird. And women are even worse. I don't even know what I'm writing and why I'm doing that. But, gosh, how strange is life. Strange should mean beautiful and indeed life is beautiful. I just wish there is somebody else out there with similar thought And it would be nice to meet that somebody sometime or, if it did already happen, to talk to that somebody. But this is probably just my personal delirium. IT's late and that could be a good reason of my madness, plus my DNA of course. It's going to be a hell of a summer. Travelling around Europe once again, trying to understand and to find something.
I think it's better to try to get some sleep. This time I'll close with a song, but not sad, a nice one, with nice pics and I'm not totally sure how random is that. I can stop my delirium now.

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